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Writing Round up Vol 5

March 22, 2019

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Website Version 2.0

April 30, 2018

Hello again, it's been a while. I apologise for having been absent for so long. I've still been writing but honestly I stopped bloggin and taking care of my website as I didn't really like it anymore. So I've spent a bit of time changing and updating it and now I feel I've got something a little more modern and 'clean'. I've also added in a section that links to professional pieces I've worked on if you're interested in knowing a little bit more about my day job.


I'll be honest and say I can't guarantee I'll end up getting a blog out each week as my life is quite full at the moment but I'll definitely try!


So regarding the new website, I've obviously changed the look and design quite a bit and I've made it so my blog is now effectively the home page. This page also details what I'm working on at the moment in both my personal and professional writing life and has links to my books, short stories and articles. Clicking the 'books' tab will allow you to read the blurb of that book and if you click 'read more' you can check out the prologue for free. There's also a 'buy now' button which will link to Amazon where you can purchase the paperback or kindle version. Clicking either the 'short stories' or 'articles' tabs will display their titles and if you click 'read more' you'll be redirected to the full story or article.


I decided to add in my professional writing as my career in object conservation is incredibly important to me and I feel as though my professional writing is just as much 'me' as the stories I write.


So at the moment I'm working mostly on the sequel to Forgotten Magic and the second book in the Elementals Series, titled Awakened Magic. I'm currently about 25% of the way through the first draft and I've a general idea where I'm heading with it. I think what I'm going to try and do this week is sit down and draft a more detailed plan so I know what I'm doing and where I'm going with the story. No doubt it'll change at various points as it usually does but it's still useful to have some guidelines in place.


I'm also tinkering with a little post apocalyptic short story at the moment which is in the very early stages (I think I've got around 1,000 words written) which I'm playing around with on my lunch hour. I'm not going to reveal too much about that at the moment as it really is in the early stages and what I'm thinking may not work.


And in my professional writing world I've co-authored a paper looking at the x-radiography of arteacts, which comes out in May (eek) and I'm currently writing a paper regarding the treatment of taxidermy, which will hopefully be published within the next 6 months if I can get a wriggle on.


So I suppose that's about it for now. As I mentioned earlier I would like to get back to writing my blog more often, even if it's just a summary of what I've written that week but I believe it will help me to keep on top of things (maybe) and become more consistent (hopefully). Please have a browse round the new site and of course you can follow me on social media. I'm mostly active on Instagram but occasionally post on the other two.





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