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Writing Round up Vol 5

March 22, 2019

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Writing Round Up Vol1

May 7, 2018


So as you can see my website is all shiny and 'new' and I'm trying to get back to a more steady stream of writing rather than the sporadic method I've used previously. And included in this is a blog each week about either my writing progress or some other random stuff I've done that week (or maybe a bit of both).


So this weekend it's been a bank holiday, which meant I had an extra day off work! And while I had planned to use this weekend to do lots of writing that didn't quite happen, mostly because the weather was absolutely gorgeous and who knows how long it will last!


However I did do SOME writing and that is an achievement. I was mostly working on Awakened Magic, which as you probably know is the second book in the Elementals series and the sequel to Forgotten Magic. I was working on chapters 8 and 9 (though technically they're 9 and 10) which have basically been inserted between other chapters to add in some information. Chapter 8 focuses on Ayprill, who is from the second land, and Chapter 9 follows King Furoster, who rules the land Ayprill lives in. I'm not going to say much more than that as I want to try and keep as much of the story under wraps as possible.


What I'm liking about this book though is all the different character viewpoints I'm doing, though I have to admit I'm hoping  it doesn't get too confusing or chaotic. I guess only time will tell.


The only other writing I did this weekend was a book review for Grendel: The Hound Who Hunts Nightmares Part Two, which I read and reviewed for The British Fantasy Society. It was a good book and the series it pretty intriguing, I'm probably going to buy myself the third book as I don't think it's on the review list (which is a shame) and I really want to know what happens and how it all ends.


So that's pretty much it on the writing front this week. I'm planning on getting some more of Awakened Magic written this week and hopefully I'll progress with the short story I'm writing on my lunch break. I'm feeling quite excited about that one because you can cram so much into so few words to keep it fast paced and flowing. So hopefully I'll have a nice update for you all next week!



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