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Studies in Archaeological Conservation


List of Figures

Dedication to Holly Marston



List of Contributors

1.1 Introduction, Chris Caple - The Challenges of Archaeological Conservation


Case Studies


Stone & Plaster

2.1 Bibi Beekman - The Conservation of a Viking Age Sculpture from York

2.2 Dipika Nadkarni – A Plaster Cast of a Mesopotamian Lioness from the Durham Oriental Museum

2.3 Lauren Piper - The Conservation of an Egyptian Rock Crystal Dish

2.4 Rhian Ward – The Conservation of a Fossil Suffering from Pyrite Decay



Ceramics & Glass

3.1 Hanna Bristow - Retreatment of an Archaeological Glass Beaker

3.2 Sara Gibson – Pierced Bronze Age Ceramic Vessel from Jericho

3.3 Tabatha Barton – Conservation of a Late Parthian-Early Sasanian Vessel

3.4 Maja Bolle - Conservation of an Archaic Cuneiform Tablet from Babylonia

3.5 Abby Moore – Boat Model Masthead in Faience




4.1 Bethan N. Bryan - Copper Alloy Objects Suspected of Bronze Disease: The Burrell Bronzes

4.2 Erik Farrell - Economy and Decision Making in the use of Benzotriazole

4.3 Fiona Jeffrey – Button from the River Wear, Durham

4.4 Alistair Threlfall - Cleaning, Consolidating and Reassembly of a Fragmentary Copper Alloy Object

4.5 Gary Bankhead – A Late-Medieval Pectoral Cross Pilgrim Sign from the River Wear, Durham

4.6 Charlotte E. Wilkinson – Conservation of a Pewter Dish from the wreck of the ‘Coronation’

4.7 Matthew Walker – The Conservation of Three 16th Century Archaeological Iron Keys



Organics: Wood, Textiles, Leather

5.1 Holly Marston – Interventive Conservation of a Waterlogged Wooden Bucket

5.2 Erik Farrell - Re-treatment of a Marine Archaeological Leather Shoe

5.3 Bibi Beekman – The Conservation of 38 Birch Bark Rolls from Star Carr

5.4 Maja Bolle - Investigation of a Charred Wooden Torso from Uruk

5.5 Katie Snow - Re-storage of Archaeological Textiles at the Museum of London

5.6 Susannah R. Bartindale – Conservation and Repackaging of a Collection of Coptic Textiles



Bone & Composite - Display

6.1 Jenny Ellison – Conservation Project: the Stengade Double Grave, Langeland Museum, Denmark

6.2 Cedeem Richardson - Conservation of Two World War I Rifles and a Military Equipment Belt

6.3 Eleanor Nethaway – Conservation of a Roman Skeleton

6.4 Ellie Rowley-Conwy - Treatment of a Block Lifted Chicken Skeleton

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