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Writer. Author. Storyteller.


Awakened Magic

The sequel to Forgotten Magic and the second book in the Elementals series. This book follows Kirae and Tom as they travel to another land in an attempt to stop a war caused by Baelana's tyranny.

Final Draft: 100%

Tales of the Tarot

A collection of short stories based on the traditional Rider Waite tarot cards.

The Major Arcana stories are standalone flash fiction, while the Minor Arcana stories will follow each card in the suit as 'chapters'.

Currently in the planning stage

Mermaid Short Story

The Merpeople would have humans believe they're the heroes of the story. That they save lives and help stranded sailors. Humans have been encouraged to call on the merpeople for help when in trouble at sea.

The merpeople are lying.

A fantasy based short story

First Draft: 20%

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