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Forgotten Magic

13 November 2016

Magic was plentiful, until those with the gift were mysteriously wiped out. Now, one woman’s once dormant power has been awakened. Determined to rule, her vicious creations roam the unsuspecting land to conquer it, because she knows no one can stop her…

Twin siblings, Kiræ and Tom embark on an adventure of combat training to follow in the footsteps of their guardian, Vala. Their goal is to help protect the citizens from the vicious mingual, the murderous creations of Bælana, the only known human to possess magic. As they try to juggle physical training and written theory, they stumble upon a life changing secret that may provide a clue to Bælana’s destruction.

Meanwhile, Vala travels the land with her army and friends in order to try and defeat the ever growing mingual army and get one step closer to Bælana’s lair and victory. But with citizens turning against them, her journey is far from easy and she soon finds that the mingual aren't all that they seem...

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4 May 2017

In Shanora, bringing artistic creations to life is as good as a prison sentence. Artists hide their ability to avoid a life confined to the palace, forced to work for the Emperor while being threatened by the officers. For Aggie, breathing life into art is an itch she can’t wait to scratch, but for Flicker, it’s a curse he wishes he were never born with.

For years, Shanora has been under threat from hostile neighbours who are poised to attack and overthrow the Emperor. The Artists are his only salvation; they are all that stands in the way of defeat and destruction.

But with the Emperor remaining hidden behind closed doors and the city on permanent lockdown, what’s really going on inside the palace? What truth is there to the rumours of lies and deceit? And how has the Emperor been alive for hundreds of years?

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Studies in Archaeological Conservation

15th December 2020

Studies in Archaeological Conservation features a range of case studies that explore the techniques and approaches used in current conservation practice around the world and, taken together, provide a picture of present practice in some of the world-leading museums and heritage organisations.

Archaeological excavations produce thousands of corroded and degraded fragments of metal, ceramic, and organic material that are transformed by archaeological conservators into the beautiful and informative objects that fill the cases of museums. The knowledge and expertise required to undertake this transformation is demonstrated within this book in a series of 26 fascinating case studies in archaeological conservation and artefact investigation, undertaken in laboratories around the world. These case studies are contextualised by a detailed introductory chapter, which explores the challenges presented by researching and conserving archaeological artefacts and details how the case studies illustrate the current state of the subject.

Studies in Archaeological Conservation is the first book for over a quarter of a century to show the range and diversity of archaeological conservation, in this case through a series of case studies. As a result, the book will be of great interest to practising conservators, conservation students, and archaeologists around the world.

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Awakened Magic

Coming 2024

Magic is returning to the land of Burgun, and the citizens believe their home is finally at peace. But now a new threat looms in the distance. A mysterious woman with magical abilities unlike any seen before is causing chaos and destruction in an attempt to seek revenge…

Twin siblings Kiræ and Tom are travelling the land helping those with elemental magic understand their gifts, when they cross paths with an unknown woman who seems set on destroying them, and everything they love. It’s up to them and their friends to work out who this new threat is and how they might defeat her. The answer could lie further from home than any of them have ever been.

Meanwhile, Ayprill is trying to uncover a mystery of her own. Men had been vanishing without a trace from the mountain villages and no one seemed to know why. Ayprill, certain there is more to this mystery than they were told, decides to investigate in secret. What she uncovers will change everything she thought she knew about her land, and her people.

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