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About the Author

Vicky was born in North Yorkshire, which will always be her one true home. Her parents read to her from a young age and reading has been an important part of her life ever since. Vicky began writing at primary school and was encouraged by her teachers to follow her creativity. She continued to write throughout her education - often secretly scribbling basic plots as they sprang into her mind during lessons - and took a creative writing course in the first year of University to try and hone her skill.


Vicky studied English Language at Lancaster but ended up completing a masters degree in Object Conservation at Durham University. An object conservator by trade, she enjoys everything history related and loves the fact that she has been able to help restore some of the most amazing objects in Britain. She has dabbled in sword fighting, kickboxing, and knife throwing and is a keen baker. A complete lover of books, especially fantasy and detective genres, it's not unusual to see Vicky reading several books at once.

Vicky's debut novel, Forgotten Magic began to come alive during her teenage years with family trees being created, plots being formed and characters being born. It is something that has continued to be one of her favourite stories, even while others began to be created.

Creation came into being much later and was inspired by Vicky's sister who is an artist and who has created the covers for her books. Vicky loved the idea of magic being linked to art and it wasn't long before Creation was born.

Now Vicky is working on the second book in the Elementals series as well as some short stories and she can't wait to see them all completed.


'I hope you all enjoy reading my books as much as I have enjoyed writing them.'

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