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This is a signed paperback copy of the standalone fantasy novel, Creation.


SKU: 364215375135191
  • In Shanora, bringing artistic creations to life is as good as a prison sentence. Artists hide their ability to avoid a life confined to the palace, forced to work for the Emperor while being threatened by the officers. For Aggie, breathing life into art is an itch she can’t wait to scratch, but for Flicker, it’s a curse he wishes he were never born with.

    For years, Shanora has been under threat from hostile neighbours who are poised to attack and overthrow the Emperor. The Artists are his only salvation; they are all that stands in the way of defeat and destruction.

    But with the Emperor remaining hidden behind closed doors and the city on permanent lockdown, what’s really going on inside the palace? What truth is there to the rumours of lies and deceit? And how has the Emperor been alive for hundreds of years? l and how your customers can benefit from this item.

  • Product will be shipped 2nd Class Royal Mail.

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